Adding new decoder

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Adding new decoder

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Hi Jon et al,

a couple of days ago Polish government fired up a regular transmission of digital time signal named e-CzasPL (e-TimePL). From what I gather frames are kinda similar to DCF77 and carrier phase modulation is used (I guess?). Maybe you could look into this and implement it in your RadioClock plugin?
Signal is brodcasted at 225 kHz on PR Jedynka programme. I could provide baseband signal recordings, and also work as beta tester if you decide to try it out.
Here are some screenshots of waveforms i capture today

1. over a minute dPhi capture shows some slots, at ~2s mark is 'half-minute-slot' in real time
20231226_150159.png (31.89 KiB) Viewed 891 times
^this may contain other frames not with time signal, as I just now learned that other data are also transmitted on this frequency

2. this what looks like a full minute frame - the _proper signal_ I think
20231226_150122.png (10.5 KiB) Viewed 891 times

Frame documentation is unfortunetaly in polish language only, so... maybe could be translated online somehow, if not I could try to do it myself. Link: ... M-cIQ/edit

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Re: Adding new decoder

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