HackRF does not work

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HackRF does not work

Post by petergross »

Hello! The problem is that my HackRf One not working only in Sdrangel.
Тhe error looks like this:

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2023-04-04 11:36:08.524 (D) MainWindow::sampleSourceCreate: deviceSetIndex: 0 deviceIndex: 2 hardwareId: "HackRF" sequence: 0 id: "sdrangel.samplesource.hackrf" serial: 
"644064dc95ac2cd" displayedName: "HackRF[0] 644064dc95ac2cd"

2023-04-04 11:36:08.525 (C) DeviceHackRF::open_hackrf: error #-5: HackRF not found

2023-04-04 11:36:08.525 (C) HackRFInput::openDevice: could not open HackRF 644064dc95ac2cd

I use the KDENeon system. Version SDRangel is 7.12.0. I tried both the native installation option and flatpak.
Other software (SDR++, CubicSDR, GQRX) work without problems.

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hackrf_info version: unknown
libhackrf version: unknown (0.6)
Found HackRF
Index: 0
Serial number: 0000000000000000644064dc095ac2cd
Board ID Number: 2 (HackRF One)
Firmware Version: 2023.01.1 (API:1.07)
Part ID Number: 0xa000cb3c 0x00794362
Any ideas what's wrong?
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Re: HackRF does not work

Post by zomox »

hi, had a similar problem I upgraded the hackRF firmware to the latest and bingo [from the tools in pothos]

also had to do zdiag again
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